SlotMusic - A Hope for Many Music Record Companies


SanDisk Corporation along with four top music companies is all geared to begin distributing music albums preloaded onto SlotMusic memory cards to key music retailers all across the United States of America.

This is certainly a signal of the future music accessing technology to revive the past’s and present’s music accessing and listening trend.

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SlotMusic – A Savior for Album


With the advent of SanDisk’s SlotMusic cards, the albums sold at microSD memory chip will certainly offer an added flow of sales.  Certain top-rated music recording companies have agreed to sell SlotMusic cards that will be preloaded with music content in MP3 and copyright free format.

This new digital music format is set to deal with two interlaced trends and is catching fame at a rapid pace. For example, in the United States, the sale of CDs plunged down to around 19% in the previous year.

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